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Zilina is the centre of northwest Slovakia and it is one of the biggest towns. Town is situated in valley of river Vah called Zilinska kotlina. There is the junction of rivers Kysuca and Rajcianka. Zilinska kotlina is situated between the peaks of mountains Little Fatra (Mala Fatra), Strazovske peaks, Sulovske peaks, Javornik and Kysucke table.
Zilina has very rich history. The oldest information is from year 1208, but village was existed sooner. The old centre of town is monument preservation. Zilina is important centre of education and cultural - university Zilinska universita, Povazske museum, Povazske gallery of art, dam Zilina. Part of surrounding of the town is also castle in Budatin, monasteries in Teplicka nad Vahom, in Gbelany, in Krasnany, in Divinka and in Kunerad. Zilina is also well known for village Terchova, which is situated in valley Vratna dolina.

Information centre - Republiky 1, 010 01 Žilina, tel./fax: +421 (0)41-7233186, e-mail:



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